$50,000 for Depression and Mental Health

Cody Medical Foundation has given Heart Mountain Free Clinic (HMFC) $20,000 for mental health. These funds are covering the costs of their PHO-9 Depression tests. Additionally, Cody Medical Foundation will pay their $150 evaluation fee at Yellowstone Behavioral Health.

$30,000 was given to West Park Hospital District to help purchase a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation machine to help fight depression. After Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation sessions, multiple patients have experienced a complete remission of their symptoms after years of battling depression.

According to John Hopkins school of Medicine’s article Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Service, TMS is a non-invasive method of brain stimulation that relies on electromagnetic induction using an insulated coil placed over the scalp, focused on an area of the brain thought to play a role in mood regulation. The coil generates brief magnetic pulses, which pass easily and painlessly through the skull and into the brain. The pulses generated are of the same type and strength as those generated by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. When these pulses are administered in rapid succession, it is referred to as “repetitive TMS “ or “rTMS”, which can produce longer lasting changes in brain activity.

rTMS has been shown to be a safe and well-tolerated procedure that can be an effective treatment for patients with depression who have not benefitted from antidepressant medications or cannot tolerate antidepressant medications due to side-effects. TMS was FDA-cleared in 2008 and now is widely available at clinics and hospitals across the country. Read the full article